We offer you our services for interior design of your premises.

People often contact the interior designer at the time when the things went not as they expected and it was necessary to attract a professional designer in order to save their style and to make their home cozy and comfortable, or people like too many different things and cannot make their choice, and therefore decide to trust this choice to a specialist - interior designer.

You build a house, make a complete or partial repair in the apartment, it is important to think over all communications, electricity and lighting in a timely manner until you go to the showroom in search of the interior design items.

Our designer will help you at the construction stage to develop the technical and stylistic interior design project and then to acquire all the necessary interior items: finishing materials, furniture, textiles and decor.

The development of the interior design is divided into several stages, depending on what exactly you need. It can be just a meeting at the level of the individual consultation with the designer in our showroom, as well as the full development of the design project.

The development of the design project includes:

1. Meeting with the customer

It is very important to know the exact needs of the client, the desired style, the preferred colors and textures, the function of the premises in which the design project is planned to be implemented. Further development of the project depends on the content of this information.

2. Visit to the facility

Measurement and photo fixation are carried out at the facility. Accurate measurement of the facility provides the opportunity to find out the necessary nuances of your premises and to develop a design project in more detail. After this stage, the designer proceeds directly to the development of the drawings.

Measurement plan:

1. All the existing unchanged dimensions of the premises are indicated in the measurement plan.
(Installation and dismantling plan)
2. The changes in the installation and dismantling of the walls and doorways are indicated in the plan.
(Plan with the arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment)
3. At this stage, 2-3 different planning options are offered that make it possible to understand the intended use of a particular room and to equip it with all the necessary furniture of the interior. Ergonomics and design are taken into account in the arrangement.

3. Development of the design of furniture.

Upon approval of the planning decision, we proceed to the stage of furniture development. It can be simply the development in accordance with the maximum dimensions of the furniture, as well as the development of individual design of furniture in our showroom with a selection of particularly selected materials and accessories.

4. Development of technical drawings.

Upon approval of the planning solution and design of the furniture, we proceed to the stage of development of technical drawings on the electrical engineering:
Plan of electrical engineering and low power network:
Upon determination with the customer on the arrangement of the furniture, it is very important to think over the correct arrangement of all electricity communications and lighting. The sockets should be in the right amount and in the convenient arrangement with respect to the furniture, and the connection of the lamps should be carried out strictly in relation to the location of the furniture.
Plan of the ceiling bindings:
All the necessary additions on the ceiling project, bindings of the lamps and ventilation are indicated on the plans.
Floor plan with binding of the heat-insulated floors
The direction of the floor covering, tile layout, the binding of warm floors and convectors is indicated on the plan.
Wall elevation with bindings of the furniture and electrical engineering
All the heights, changes and additions in the ceilings and floors, binding of the furniture and binding of the electrical engineering are indicated on the wall elevation. All these nuances are of prime importance for the construction works. They also allow exploring the technical changes of the premises in detail.
Wall elevation in the WC facilities with the tile layout and bindings of the furniture and electrical engineering
All the plumbing bindings and layout of the particular tiles are indicated in the wall elevation of the bathrooms and toilets. Also, this document is primarily required by the constructors.

5. Statement of the finishing: stylistics

All finishing materials, floor coverings, tiles, wallpapers and paint colors, as well as interior items such as fixtures, sockets, textiles, skirting boards, ceiling baguettes, etc. are indicated in this document. And also the participation of the interior in the furniture design. This is all chosen by the designer and agreed with the customer, after which the designer calculates the required amount of material.
"“The first-priority task of the designer is to keep your personality!"