German Sofas

German Sofas

The Company DizainaZona RigasMebeles offers soft furniture from German and Polish manufacturers upon request. Here you will find modern and functional products of different types and modifications, which will fit into any type of interior! The range also includes modular sofas that allow you selecting the specific modules based on the dimensions of your premise and personal preferences. In addition to the functional options, the models have a wide variety of surfacing materials. The products we offer will satisfy even the most demanding clients who are looking for high functionality, convenience, modern design and high quality.

There are three basic models in our catalogue - standard, corner and modular sofas. All products look perfectly and attractively. Most of the models are additionally equipped with sleepers, linen drawers and many other options. You can select the fabric from our catalogue directly from the manufacturer, in accordance with the prices, which are decreasing or increasing in proportion to the price category.

It is worth noting the prices for soft furniture in our showroom are among the most profitable prices in the Latvian market.

Диван Adriana

Диван Bolzano

Диван Bora

Диван Cesena

Диван Cuba

Диван Dallas

Диван Enora

Диван Galaxy

Диван Isona

Диван Las Palmas

Диван Lecce

Диван Manila

Диван Melbourne

Диван Morado

Диван Multiflex

Диван Murcia

Диван Nassau

Диван Oviedo

Диван Perugia

Диван Rosario

Диван Santa Fe

Диван Valetta

Диван Vigo