The proper kitchen furniture is the pledge of comfort of your home

The kitchen is one of those places where you begin your day. The main factor of cozy atmosphere is the furniture in the kitchen, its color, dimensions and design. And sometimes it's not enough just to make good repairs and to order ready-made furniture. Ready-made kitchens from the manufacturer cannot satisfy all your desires and requests. Therefore, you need a special approach, which implies well-thought-out design of the kitchen and its specifications.

Custom-made kitchen furniture - an individual approach to your wishes

Custom-made kitchens can be of different types - built-in, corner, U-shaped, with various built-in appliances and accessories, of different height and width of cabinets, with bar counters and islands, etc. Thanks to a huge variety of materials and colors, the stylish and diverse products with perfect quality are created.

Selection of custom-made kitchen is not an easy process, which can be delayed for a long time. The client often has to study and view a variety of design options and specifications before taking the final decision. In order to minimize the time spent, we suggest you visit our showroom, where you can see the exposition of kitchen furniture of different styles and materials, such as: painted MDF, natural wood, kitchens with aluminum-profile facades, laminated kitchens. The expositions have different fittings, which you can see in order to choose the right option. You can get acquainted with the catalog of our works, from which you can select any style as the basis for your kitchen. Our designers will help you make changes to your project according to your wishes and bring it to perfection.

We are waiting for you in our showroom at Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve 2. DizainaZona.

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