Custom-Made Manufacturing of Furniture

Our Company is engaged in the implementation of individual projects and the production of non-standard and kitchen furniture, dressing rooms, hinged and built-in wardrobes, sections, cabinets, furniture for the hallways or in the children's rooms. We produce soft furniture from the photos from various catalogs. We carry out the entire production cycle: from the creation of a preliminary design and product styling in a conveniently viewed 3D format, up to the complete installation of the product in your premises.

1) Are you looking for a respectable manufacturer of stylish furniture?
2) Do you need kitchen furniture according to your measurements?
3) Is standard and modular furniture unacceptable for you?
4) You do not know what kind of arrangement of cabinets and equipment you need?5) You cannot select the material and color?
6) Or you just want to free yourself of all these cares and responsibilities

Then welcome to our Company! We will develop and think over your sketch from the initial project to the complete installation of the furniture product in your premise!

 We offer the custom-made manufacturing of furniture on the basis of any wishes.

Our benefits:

1) Free designer’s consultation
2) Development of the individual project according to your wishes
3) Short deadlines
4) Ability to create furniture of non-standard sizes and design
5) Accessories from the leading manufacturers
6) Technical support
7) Extensive experience in the work with non-standard furniture
8) Quick installation of the kitchen (1 - 2 days)
9) 24-month warranty

Interior Design

Kitchen design

Delivery and installation

Withdrawable systems

Opening systems

Choice of a kitchen tabletop


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