Custom-made furniture is a stylish and functional solution for your home


What does stylish kitchen furniture mean for you? Beautiful fronts and original color? We propose you to give up traditional solutions and to create fresh ideas for stylish kitchens that combine functionality and harmonious use of space.

Custom manufacturing of furniture provides a great opportunity for people with a modern view of life, who appreciate the uniqueness of things in a single original.

Our designers will select exactly the furniture that will fit into your dimensions and interior style, with reasonable investments. They will help you in choosing the accessories, suitable materials, kitchen design, and also will mark the arrangement of switches and sockets for household appliances. Custom-made kitchens enjoy great success for many years.

Designers of the company “Dizaina Zona” perform the following functions:
1) Precise measurement of the kitchen premises
2) Adjustment and supplementation of the project (if necessary)
3) Assistance in selection of the materials
4) Drawing of the arrangement of the sockets for household appliances
5) Information about the terms of manufacturing, delivery and installation of furniture
6) Conclusion of the agreement with the buyer on the purchase of furniture

Our designers are skilled specialists with extensive experience. You can get acquainted with their works on our website and make sure of that personally.

Our goal is to help you bring your ideas into life and create the perfect kitchen.

The main materials for the fronts are: MDF

Kitchens with painted fronts made of MDF which are covered with several layers of polyurethane enamel, varnished and also polished, are well regarded. You can choose any colour palette for the kitchen with MDF fronts (more than 1000 shades by RAL and NCS), and the surface is either matte or glossy.

The main advantage of such fronts:
1) Ecological product
2) Do not emit toxic agents
3) High strength
4) Withstands high temperature
5) Huge range of colors
6) No edges
7) Do not absorb moisture and odors

Kitchens from painted MDF look elegant and eye-catchingly.

Kitchens with wooden fronts are classic.

Wooden fronts in kitchen furniture belong to the category of elite furniture. When choosing these fronts the following materials are used:

1) Oak
2) Pine
3) Ash
4) Alder
5) Beech, etc.

All these types of wood are divided according to the complexity of production and their cost. Such kitchen fronts look expensive and exquisite. Modern technologies allow us to apply in the furniture manufacturing such artificial effects, such as aging of wood, etc. It is necessary regularly to look after wooden fronts.

Fronts based on aluminum profile.

The aluminum profile serves as the frame. The filling of aluminum front is a special glass - Lacobel.

Lakobel is a glass painted in the factory with the use of special coating. Has a certain palette of colors, thickness of the glass is 4 mm. It has wide application in interior design and furniture manufacturing. It is moisture resistant and has a deep saturated color. One of the advantages of this profile is its resistance to any kind of damage, not afraid of moisture and high temperatures. Such fronts are used in kitchens in the style of high-tech and provide a modern look.