Veneered facades

This is the best alternative to solid wood. This material is a sheet of fine wood. Veneering is performed by the hot pressing process, in which a thin sheet of veneer is applied to the base (wood chipboard, MDF or mass), by using high-quality binding materials. This method allows getting beautiful and durable material, which is imitating natural wood. Veneered facades have a pleasant appearance that allow designers to implement any artistic idea.


1) Cost - cheaper costs in comparison to  solid wood.

2) Environmental friendliness - made of natural wood.

3) Duration of operation

4) Unique textures


Laminate - laminated wood chipboard. Lamination means that the board has an external decorative facing - decor. Ideal for furniture production, has a wide variety of textures, can be easily processed. Provides high strength of the furniture surface. Has high wear resistance. The thickness of laminated wood chipboard can be different, from 10mm to 38mm.


Mass is one of the modern and popular materials that will never be out of fashion and still remains the main material in the manufacturing of furniture. Solid wood mass is a sign of expensive kitchen furniture in the classical style. It successfully combines reliability and beauty. It is made of hard rocks, such oak, cherry, walnut, beech, etc.

Facade systems include:

1) Facades with a panel

2) Radius or trapezoidal

3) Facades for glass and stained glass

4) Decorative items and accessories.

Painted MDF

Medium Density Fibreboard is characterized by higher strength and a wide range of thicknesses in comparison with wood chipboard. It is produced by dry pressing of wood chips at high temperature and pressure.

MDF is a painted modern solution for the manufacturing of furniture. Coloring is made with the help of modern enamels. Has a different structures of the material surfaces. The surface can be matte, glossy or pearly. Very strong and resistant to external influences. Thanks to the repeated varnishing, the life of the furniture is extended.

Paneled facades

Paneling provides an unusually beautiful and expensive appearance. This is the main decoration of the facades and doors. It can be of various relief forms. Paneled facade is not being deformed with time, but looks like natural.

Furniture facade from aluminum profile

It consists of an aluminum frame around the perimeter and filling. Various fillers are used for facades, such as glass (simple, decorative, colored), plastics, as well as MDF and fiberboard. These facades are more durable, as their basis is a metal frame from the profile. Higher price in comparison with MDF.


We offer a wide range of colors for layouts by RAL and NCS. RAL is the most popular color palette in the world, it consists of 213 colors. NCS – Natural Color System. NCS system is considered the perfect model of color perception by the human.