Choice of a kitchen tabletop

Tabletop is a monolithic or multi-part board, which should be carefully chosen, the same as the kitchen fronts or household appliances, because the tabletop sets the style of the entire kitchen.

And not least factor is the choice of the original material for the manufacturing of the tabletops. The choice should be carefully considered, therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with each type separately. It is worth noting that the main determining factors are the budget, lifestyle and durability. When choosing a material for tabletop, it is necessary to take into account the main properties of the tabletop. The choice of the material will be based on your financial capabilities, but it should be noted that the most high-quality and wear-resistant tabletops are expensive.

Although some of them may be more beautiful than others, it is necessary to know that they will need constant or periodic care in order to maintain their beauty and durability.

The review of tabletops should be begun with the most economical option - laminated wood chipboard.

Laminated tabletops

Anyone can afford laminated tabletops, since the prices are more affordable than those made of artificial or natural stone. Very wide selection of colors, resistant to mechanical and chemical impact.

This tabletop will withstand all the daily tests.

Laminated tabletops are produced on the basis of wood chipboard and present a sheet of pressed cellulose material, which is covered with a top layer of polymer. Durable plastic impregnated with resins is used as a coating. The plastic is applied to the base when heated, under the influence of high pressure. This technology is called “Postforming”, thanks to which this method allows bending round the ends of the tabletop, thus protecting it from moisture. The tabletops have a standard thickness of 38 mm, the depth can reach 1200 mm, and the maximum sheet length reaches 4000 mm. Tabletops that are manufactured by using Postforming technology can have a bend on one side and on both opposing sides. If you need a tabletop for daily use, which will be durable and will not require complicated care, select a laminated tabletop.

   They are simple in care and reliable in operation. Hot objects, spilled wine, butte or coffee will not leave a trace on them. A wide range of colors and textures is available. Decors of the tabletops can imitate natural wood, granite, marble and other stone rocks.

Laminated countertops can afford anyone, since prices are more affordable than for the tabletops made of artificial or natural stone.


  1. Affordable price
  2. High strength
  3. Large selection of colors and textures
  4. Color retention with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light
  5. Ease of installation
  6. Ease of cleaning


  1. When connecting two or more tabletop boards, a seam will be visible. Typically, the tabletops are joined together by a “connection plate”
  2. In case of mechanical damage, repair of the tabletop is not possible

Tabletops made of artificial stone

Tabletops made of artificial stone are successfully used nowadays for decoration of living premises, restaurants, beauty showrooms, etc. Products made of artificial stone are hygienic, resistant to mechanical influences and easily repaired, and these properties are as good as the properties of the natural stone.

With proper care and maintenance, tabletops made of artificial stone will always look stylish and attractive, like new ones.

Quartz agglomerate

Quartz - why is it worth acquiring a tabletop made of quartz? It consists of 95% of chips of natural quartz and binding polyester resins. Such composition differs from other types of coatings by its increased resistance to mechanical impact, to scratches and exposure to high temperatures. This mineral is one of the most durable in nature, it is considerably superior to natural stone, such as marble and granite. There is only one more durable material - diamond.

These tabletops do not have a porous surface, so they push off liquids without preserving their odors. The natural coating of quartz tabletops is resistant to any cleaning agents. The disadvantage of quartz tabletops is the inevitability of visible seams at the joints, but they are undistinguished. If a product of quartz fits into a sheet of material, it will not have any seams. Boards from 12 mm to 30 mm in thickness and 1400 mm x 3050 mm in size are used for the production of tabletops.

Tabletops of natural stone look stylish, ensure a solid appearance and will serve you for many years, while retaining their initial respectability. You can buy tabletops made of quartz of different colors in our company.

Acrylic stone


It consists of fillers, various pigmentary additives and polymer resins. The characteristics of the final product depend directly on the quality of the original materials. The main difference between two compositions is a variety of polymer resins used as binding substance.

  Epoxide resin is used In the quartz agglomerate. This material is more durable and heat-resistant (+150 C), compared to acrylic stone, therefore it is more protected from scratches and hot dishes.

    The surface of acrylic products is waterproof and non-porous, and may be easily cleaned without absorbing dirt and grease, and it does not emit any toxic substances. Products made of acrylic stone may be of any color, size and shape. All joints are perfectly polished and become completely invisible, so the tabletop looks like an integral product. In the case of mechanical damage, the product easily gets the original appearance. All scratches are eliminated by simple grinding.