Withdrawable systems

Furniture showroom DizainaZona. We use a wide range of furniture fittings from well-known manufacturers, such as BLUM, GRASS, HAFELE, AMIX, REJS. We will equip furniture with everything necessary for your convenience and comfort. We offer the following withdrawable systems: Tandembox, Metabox, Tandem, withdrawable baskets, withdrawable garbage containers, dish drainers, carousels, corner baskets, etc. These systems are widely used in kitchens, in bathrooms, cupboards, bedrooms. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. The main task of withdrawable systems is their rational use and saving of space in the kitchen. The more detailed description of the systems is presented below:

Tandem/Box, Tandem-guides

There may be full or partial extension Tandem/box or Tandem guides. Withdrawable drawers can be manufactured of different depths and widths as well as of different heights of the sides. Full-extension guides provide easy access to the contents of the drawer.

Smooth sliding, soft noiseless closing is achieved thanks to the BLUMOTION system.

High load on the system.

Due to the slight slacking in the guides, Tandem can be installed close to the floor.

Withdrawable baskets

Baskets with smooth closing ensure soft closure of the cabinet. The fastening can be universal, to the bottom of the frame, or on the sides, both on the right and on the left. Baskets can be of different widths, the maximum load on the system depends on this factor. High-quality multilayer chrome plating.

Withdrawable dish drainers

Built-in dish drainer is provided only with fastening to the front. It is installed either with soft closing finishers or without them. Can be installed both in the lower cabinets and in the column. Aluminum tray will keep the remaining moisture inside the system. Full-extension system provides easy access to the content.

LeMans System

Fully withdrawable mechanism allows using the entire area of ​​the corner cabinet. It is built in almost any corner cabinet thanks to a wide range of sizes. Plastic cover can be easy removed.

MagicCorner system

The basket that is built almost in any corner box. Due to the small angle of rotation, the system allows avoiding collision with the handle of the adjacent front and protects the neighboring fronts from the impact by means of a built-in stopper. Increased strength of the mechanism.

MaxiCargo System

Basket on the full-extension guides with smooth closing. The frame is universal, fastened both on the left and on the right side. Height adjustment of the basket. Baskets are securely fixed with clips on the frame. Increased strength. The guide is equipped with a system that prevents the slacking of the structure.

Servo Drive System

Boxes with the BLUMOTIO system can also be equipped with the Servo-Drive system. This is the system of mechanisms with electric drive. To open the drawer, you need lightly to press the front and it will open. To close it, you need to press the button and it will close softly and noiselessly. Suitable for any heavy and light boxes. High quality and reliability.