Opening systems

We use only modern kitchen fittings from leading manufacturers, which makes the work in the kitchen more comfortable and easy. The opening systems are selected in accordance with the kitchen style - classic or modern. Lifting mechanisms have become popular in the kitchens of modern style, as the upper cabinets are often installed in a horizontal version in this style, they are raised or lowered by themselves, it is only necessary only lightly to push them. Smooth movement of the fronts is almost silent. Such mechanisms can be installed on fronts of the most non-standard sizes.

A wide variety of such systems is provided by the company Blum, which manufactures the most technologically advanced fittings. With Aventos lift systems, your kitchen will be given a new look and it will be more ergonomic.

Aventos HF

Ideal solution for tall wall cabinets. Convenient height of the handle, even if the front is open.

Since the front is folded, little space is required from above even with very tall cases.

Different height of fronts is possible

Aventos HK

■ Ideal solution for upper small-size cabinets
■ Thanks to the movement pattern of the front above the case, very little space is required
■ No loops are required

Aventos HK-S

■ Suitable for small cases installed, for example, above the stock cabinets or refrigerator
■ Harmonic proportions
■ No loops are required

Aventos HL

■ Ideal for upper cabinets above which other cases are located, as well as for cabinets located in a niche.
■ Suitable for small solid fronts

Aventos HS

■ Ideal for large solid fronts
■ Thanks to the ability off the façade to be folded over the case, very little space is required from above
■ Allows the use of top decorative panels.

Aventos Servo Drive

Easy opening of the lifting systems. It is enough to touch the front, and the lifting system opens as if by magic. To close the lifting system, simply press the button that is conveniently located in the sidewall of the case.

Gas lift system

Gas lift system - universal mechanisms for raising or lowering the fronts of a furniture product. Easy to install and does not require any adjustments. The main thing is to select the gas lift system in accordance with the front weight. Affordable mechanisms.