Delivery and installation

What should be taken into account before installing the kitchen furniture?

  1. Immediately prior to the installation of the kitchen, the old furniture, construction debris and any foreign objects should be removed from the premise.

  2. The walls should be maximally vertical and flat, the angles of coupling walls and floors should be 90°, and the attention should be paid to the horizontal position of the floor, the deviation should not exceed 5 mm.

  3. The arrangement of the wiring and all other communications should be in compliance with the project (if necessary, we provide a plan of all connections), or, otherwise, when the furniture is designed with due account for already existing connections.

  4. Arrangement, number and type of sockets should be in compliance with the project.
    Arrangement of the sockets for additional electrical appliances used on the surface of the tabletops should be placed not less than 100 mm from the surface.

  5. The socket for the kitchen hood should be located in the area of ​​the wall hanging cabinet or in the area of ​​the hood case.

  6. Gas tap and meter should be located in the accessible place.

  7. All plumbing units should be brought out within the kitchen sink cabinet.

  8. The ventilation duct should be located directly above the kitchen furniture.

  9. It is necessary to take care in advance of the kitchen appliances that will be built into the kitchen. All appliances should be present on the day of installation and should conform to the name of the models specified in the agreement!

Delivery of furniture


Delivery and installation of our products is always included in the project cost and is performed both in Riga and throughout Latvia. The day and time of delivery is negotiated with our clients 3 business days in advance and is carried out only on business days (on Saturday by prior arrangement). Loading, unloading and bringing of furniture is performed by skilled workers who are characterized by their care, reliability and speed, thus minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.

All furniture elements are packed and delivered partially assembled, which significantly reduces the time consumption on installation. When transporting the kitchen set, the cases of the cabinets and columns are supplied completely or partially assembled. Separate elements are: tabletop, lining, doors, removable shelves and various decorative elements (this applies to the sections, chests of drawers, bathrooms, etc.). In case of transportation of the cabinets, the material and fittings are delivered in disassembled form and are assembled directly at the facility.

On the day of scheduled delivery, the client pays the second part of the amount (40%) under the agreement, and the remaining 10% (last payment) after the complete installation of furniture. Installation of furniture is carried out only upon receipt of the payment of the second amount!

Installation of kitchen furniture

The client should know and remember that the modern kitchen does not imply the completely assembled cases of kitchen cabinets that are easily arranged, mounted and suspended, but a complex multi-component complex that includes not only the assembled cabinets, but also other additional elements of furniture and decor, appliances, tabletops and the adjustment of all elements.

All this should be properly arranged and connected, the structural holes should be cut, the appliance should be installed, the tabletop should be adjusted, the necessary wires should be installed, the level should be set and one common construction should be reached. And such complex of works can only be executed by a specialist with certain skills and knowledge, as well as with specialized tools. Installation of kitchen furniture usually takes 1 - 2 days, depending on the volume and complexity of the project.

On the day of scheduled delivery, the client pays the second part of the amount (40%) under the agreement, and the remaining 10% (last payment) after the complete installation of furniture. Installation of furniture is carried out only upon receipt of the payment of the second amount!

During the installation of the kitchen...

The walls of the premises are not always flat and vertical, at an angle of 90° relative to each other. Therefore, the installer should adapt the case in place, by sawing out the mechanical access to the sockets, pipeline connections, sewerage, and also by cutting and adjusting the corners of the tabletop.

The furniture is arranged strictly according to the planned project, as each element of the kitchen is designed with special attention, all the features of the project are taken into account and thus it is not possible to rearrange any elements. Upon installation of the entire kitchen set, the final adjustment of all cabinets and fronts is made.

At the end of the work, the clients should accept the products (check for damage, defects and operation of the mechanisms), sign the act on the acceptation of the installation works and pay the residual value!


The finished ideal kitchen is the result of correctly implemented stages, such as:

  1. Full and correct measurement, taking into account all the features of the premises.
  2. Development of the individual design project.
  3. Properly calculated detail design and arrangement of all elements for maximum convenience.
  4. Manufacturing of high-quality materials.
  5. Assembly and installation, which are performed by professionals.


Thanks to each implemented stage, you get not just a good kitchen, but an ideal and unique product created just for you!

Employees of our company do not dismantle old furniture and do not connect appliances!