Individual approach and features.

Our designers together with the technicians provide an individual approach to each client and will provide all necessary assistance in development of the design project for your furniture, starting with the selection of stylistics up to various design solutions. An individual project is developed for each client, whether it is a huge kitchen set or a complicated dressing room layout, which causes many needs and wishes of the client. When designing a project, we always create: the most convenient and functional premise, comfortable use, ease of cleaning, appropriate color palette and texture of the material.

We offer stylish and modern kitchen furniture, which combines - convenience, fresh and notable design, comfort and functionality. All this is ensured by high-quality material, reliable fittings, additional accessories and extensive experience in this field!

Stages of development and creation of the design of the custom-made furniture project.

The first step to creation of a unique piece of interior design item is a designer approach to the furniture project!

 The project is developed in several stages. First, the client discusses the stylistic preferences, which will ensure the required appearance for the kitchen in the future. Afterwards, a number of technical tasks is implemented: plan for the kitchen space is provided, where the interconnections (wiring), sewage outlets, gas pipe (if any) and all other structural elements, doors, windows are shown. This plan is the base for the preliminary kitchen plan. Base on free space where all ideas are planned to be implemented, the arrangement and dimensions of kitchen cabinets (boxes), as well as of the built-in kitchen appliances, accessories and other furniture items are chosen.

In the course of the project development:

  1. We always use the rules of arrangement of household appliances and furniture cabinets.
  2. We use suitable and convenient fittings.
  3. We select qualitative materials and the required colour combination.
  4. We create the proper lighting.
  5. We design a beautiful and understandable project of furniture in a convenient 3D format.

The final design project (model) is created on the computer. Your project of future kitchen furniture will be presented to you in a convenient 3D design format. In a special graphical program that allows viewing the project (model) in any convenient angle and provides you the opportunity to understand the overall picture of the furniture and its combination with the interior. If you need any corrections or replacement of any items, you can easily change the configuration of your project, and at the same time experiment with a combination of textures and color palette of the fronts of kitchen furniture.

The kitchen, in addition to its direct function, also serves as a dining room or living room, where people can cook and organize family dinners or meetings with friends. Such a place should necessarily be divided into zones. Combination of the kitchen with the dining room or the living room will significantly save space, and we recommend choosing an individual development of the design project so that to use every square meter of the space!


If you wish to come with your own detailed plan (measurement), then you need to draw up a plan of the premises, indicating all the dimensions of the walls, the height of the ceilings, the location of windows, doors, sewerage and gas pipes, electrical connections, as well as all other fixed items, (if any). It is worth noting that many clients, when trying independently to measure premises, make a number of mistakes, and certain things are completely missed, so this can significantly affect the further design and project of the kitchen, respectively, also the price! (Therefore, the preliminary design and calculation of the prices according to your measurements are approximate).

If you are satisfied with the project and the price, our employees will come to your facility and will perform professional measurement, will fix the arrangement of all technical and structural elements of communications, windows, doors and other features of the premises.

We always take into account the features of the premises:

  1. Height of the ceilings and niches.
  2. Arrangement and dimensions of doors and windows, as well as their structural features.
  3. Arrangement and dimensions of the heating system (radiators).
  4. Arrangement of gas pipes and meters.
  5. Arrangement of water supply and sewerage.
  6. Arrangement, diameter and other features of the ventilation shaft.
  7. Arrangement of sockets and shields.
  8. Dimensions and features of household appliances.
  9. Structural features of walls and loads on them.

Upon measurement of the premises, our designers will contact you and will discuss more specific details, will make corrections to the project (if necessary), will and give the final calculations for your project in the shortest possible time.

We recommend calling our master in order to avoid difficulties associated with the independent measurement of the premises.



Design of the kitchen furniture should be developed very seriously and responsibly. Any mistake at any stage (starting from the measurement) can lead to unforeseen expenses and to the delayed deadline for putting into operation. Therefore, when drafting a project, particular attention is paid to numerous details, such as:

  1. Detailed plan of the premises, when all dimensions and distances should be taken into account, with all electrical wiring.
  2. Lack of any objects in the wall area where a dishwasher or oven should be installed.
  3. Location of the ventilation shaft and the kitchen hood with respect to the cooking surface (by observing the tolerability).
  4. Distance (height, power) of the kitchen hood with respect to a certain surface.
  5. Dimensions and distances of the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, as well as their arrangement for ease of the use.
  6. Arrangement of the cabinet for the kitchen sink with respect to all sewer pipes.
  7. Arrangement of the kitchen sink and the surface, while leaving enough space for the work surface.
  8. Arrangement of window sills, windows, doors and radiators in relation to kitchen cabinets.
  9. Structural and functional features of the kitchen cabinets.

Particular attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture, which is desirable to be arranged on the preliminary sketch. The mandatory structural elements of kitchen equipment are stove, kitchen hood, refrigerator, sink and, in addition, dishwasher, oven, etc. Based on this, there are certain rules for the furniture arrangement. Why such rules are significant? Because, all these elements of equipment and fittings are partially interdependent, for example: the arrangement of kitchen sink  depends on the arrangement of sewage pipes, the dishwasher is usually located nearby, and the dish drainer is accordingly located above these elements. And there are many such rules.

You can use the rule of “kitchen triangle” for the correct choice of the plan and arrangement of the most significant appliances.

The project design is most often based on the already existing communal structure in the premises and its features!


When planning kitchen furniture, we always calculate and coordinate with the client the number and arrangement of the sockets. This depends on the number of units of built-in appliances and additional needs of the client. If the client wishes to transfer all communications and electrical wiring or the premise is under construction, we will provide a pre-planned construction plan for all connections and wiring with the indication of all distances and locations of the pipes, meters, sockets, ventilation shafts, etc. Such detailing is required for more convenient installation of furniture and connection of the appliances and lightening, as well as for the accessibility of connections for daily needs.

All sockets in the intended premises should necessarily have a grounding for your personal safety and for the safety of all other family members!

The choice of the material and color of the kitchen furniture.

Once the design and layout of the proposed kitchen is approved, the client chooses the materials, color and tabletop from which the products will be manufactured. There is a wide range of materials from various foreign manufacturers in our showroom. Each client will be able to select exactly the material that will correspond to his tastes and preferences, and will perfectly fit into the interior of the corresponding premises.

We use a case made of strong laminated wood chipboard (which significantly reduces the cost of production with no loss in quality) for the kitchen furniture, and the front elements are made of more expensive and high-quality materials. The painted MDF, veneered, wooden, laminated or glass fronts are selected from the perspective of their convenience in cleaning and protection from moisture. It is worth remembering that different groups of materials have not only their specific qualities and characteristics, but also different pricing. Therefore, prices between different types of materials after the total calculation of the order can vary greatly!

You can select any color (if it is MDF) according to the color palette. But do not forget some nuances:

  1. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen by cooking food, frying or boiling, you should take into account the fact that you will have constantly to wash the kitchen of white color!
  2. The situation is different for dark colors and black color, but the fingerprints after touching the fronts and dust are visible on them, and dark glossy fronts are much more difficult to be cleaned without leaving stains!
  3. Light colors of fronts visually increase the space, and dark colors, on the contrary, reduce it!
  4. Light colors should be better selected if the premise is located on the shady side, and kitchens with dark fronts, on the contrary, on the sunny side!
  5. If you select several colors for the kitchen furniture, you should choose a combination of only classic and matching colors and never to forget to take into account the interior of the premise itself!

When choosing the materials and colors, you should try to create a certain mood in your kitchen, in order to provide maximum comfort and beauty for your family!

Riga furniture - materials

Lighting and illumination.

Why do we need the proper and high-quality lighting of the kitchen space?

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen by preparing food, both in the daytime and in the dark. Therefore, the special attention should be paid to the lighting of the kitchen area in order to ensure the most comfortable time spending. Properly arranged and optimal lighting is a guarantee of comfort! If the working area is not sufficiently illuminated, then cooking process will be very tiring, and there may be problems with sight in the future.

There should be three types of lighting in the kitchen premises!

  1. Natural. The direct sunrays and the illumination in the premise depends on the location of the windows or balcony, as well as on their dimensions.
  2. General lighting. This is the background lighting of the entire kitchen, which depends on the location and direction of the lamps or chandeliers on the ceiling and their capacities. Their brightness is often insufficient.
  3. LED illumination (directional lighting) is provided with special lamps or tape, which are installed directly above the working surface.


LED lamps or tape are attached from the bottom of the kitchen boxes, behind the fronts, so they are practically not visible. They provide sufficient brightness, are well protected against the influence of extraneous factors, have different light tones (cold or warm), and their power can be regulated! LED lamps carry not only practical functions, but also serve as the decorations for the interior!

The kitchen furniture should be illuminated both by natural and artificial light for more comfort and harmony.

The last stage is the signing of the agreement and the introduction of an advance payment.