Custom-made manufacturing of furniture is the specialization of the furniture showroom DizainaZona

The furniture Showroom in Riga DizainaZona has been offering the custom-made manufacturing of furniture for more than 10 years. We are constantly developing our business, participate in the exhibitions, train our masters in order to provide our clients and customers with impeccable results.

Custom-made manufacturing of furniture requires special knowledge and skills. Therefore, the main goal of our activity is constant improvement in the field of design and creation of furniture, which to the greatest possible extent corresponds to the client's wishes in respect of quality, functionality and style.

Our showroom offers custom-made manufacturing of furniture: kitchen furniture, hallways, built-in wardrobes, sections, bathroom furniture, cabinets, as well as soft furniture, such as sofas, corner sofas and beds.

The main specialization of our furniture showroom is the production of kitchen furniture. We offer custom-made stylish kitchens, both in a cost-effective way, and the premium class furniture. We create furniture that will be different – by the originality of forms and high functionality. If you doubt the choice of your kitchen, our consultants will always help you make up your mind about the design of the kitchen, choice of the right materials and accessories, and the colour palette. Our work is focused on your personality and your unique taste.


All the pictures that you see on our website are made by us in the apartments and homes of our satisfied clients.


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